Share your stories about how red tape is holding back your business

Businesses are the backbone of our nation, employing 11 million of the 13 million people working in Australia. Businesses create jobs, ship Australian products and services around the world, embrace innovation and breathe life into our towns and cities.

So, why are we holding back our businesses with excessive, unnecessary and out-of-date regulations?

Excessive red tape slows down businesses and services which means we all pay more and have fewer choices.

Red tape costs the economy about $176 billion every year which is over $19,000 to the average household.

The worst of the worst


Qualified tradespeople have to navigate multiple bureaucracies to get licenses and permits to work in different states.

Did you know opening a restaurant in some parts of Australia can involve completing nearly 50 different forms and getting over 70 different licences.

Payroll tax

Employers operating across multiple states are forced to do complex payroll tax calculations to follow each state’s laws.

This costs Australian businesses over $1.1 billion every year.

Trading hours

Restrictions on trading hours disadvantage Australian businesses trying to compete with online traders who can be open 24/7.

And sometimes, trading regulations are just bizarre. Did you know in some places you can’t buy a TV on a public holiday but can buy a couch from the same store?

Approval processes

Slow, complex approval processes with different departments and agencies take major projects and jobs away from small businesses and communities and heap costs on consumers and taxpayers.

Uncompetitive regulatory standards

Australia often has higher regulatory approval standards than our competitors overseas.

It can take many months longer to gain approval for a new product in Australia than it does elsewhere. This puts Australian businesses at a disadvantage and costs Australian consumers.

There’s a better way.

Smarter regulations can protect us and what we value, encourage competition and create opportunities. With better regulations, small and large businesses can invest more, employ more Australians and deliver the best products and services.

Let’s keep Australia competitive by making it easier to do business.

The Government is taking a look at the red tape problem and we want to contribute to that process by finding some of the worst examples of unnecessary regulation.